Anchor Point Yacht Club

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303 B Beacon Ridge Drive, Hopewell, VA 23860
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    Nov, 23 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Im an infrastructure specialist and was there with wife and i dont think ive observed such a dump and the structure itself was by code unsafe for any weight ratio in any dynamics on the upper deck.The trash being hauled to dumpster was pathetic and bags ripping,servers drinking alcohol as well as cash denominations being counted in sight of walk in to lower deck,food was left uncovered,saw a gentleman take a entire box of seafood to his dodge pick up,saw drinking alcohol from lockers in the lower deck and served.A copy of this is being sent to the ABC board,ordinance and code sectors of local county in which the club resides,also the dumping of raw material out of a pipe into theAppomattox River.Wife almost got ran over by a moving sofa and when asked the gentleman to slow down he said if you dont like it,leave the area.The band was a second hand band and pathetic.what topped it all off was some gentleman going up stairs and bringing down french fries and seafood,taken it to kitchen and a older lady cussing and using her bare hands which is a health code violation.A copy of this is going to the health board as well for a full review.Then we went from a seafood festival to people putting on mask and dancing.No ids were checked and the ABC board will know of all your violations,as well as health department and code divisions in your local county ordinances.I would not reccommend this to anyone who has any concern about there health or there safety.I hate to write a review like this but there is no accountability and to hear club members talking about there is no regulations and no accountability of funds taken in.My reccommendation is ysll get an auditor in there and have a full review.Good luck in yalls endeavors in that mess of a club.A copy of this is being sent to all listed above and im personally asking for a full top to bottom regulations and finances as well as the EPA come there and check the raw material being dumped over the side and all the alcohol violations.Me and wife was a member right when it first opened and it has taken a tremendous nose dive in all aspects Regards Mr Taffy
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